A Day in the Life

A typical day is hard to describe, but there are things you can count on: the sun will rise, the sun will set and, in between, everything will be an adventure.

Imagine waking up with the sunrise with the only sound being that of the water lapping against the side of the yacht. You sit up and take in the beauty of the scene around you, a two thousand year old town in the Southern Dalmatian Islands of Croatia, mountains off the coast of Thailand or the deserted beaches in the Abacos Islands of the Northern Bahamas.

That’s how your day can begin on a Trekr Adventure. Though the cabins are roomy, air conditioned and luxurious, you can choose to sleep on the deck of the yacht gazing at the stars in clear skies while you drift off and are met by dreams of sandy beaches and strong winds.

Every day on a Trekr Adventure brings new experiences and fun stories. A typical is hard to describe, but there are things you can count on: the sun will rise, the sun will set and, in between, everything will be an adventure.

Croatia Kitty Boat Waving.jpg

Getting ready for the day includes taking a shower or diving off the back of the yacht to bathe. Before setting off for the day, breakfast will be set in the saloon to provide nourishment for the sail ahead.

After getting underway, we will sail for a few hours while enjoying snacks and cocktails. This is when folks can get as involved in sailing as they want. The skipper will always need help untying from the dock, unhooking from a mooring ball, taking up the anchor, putting up the sails, tacking, bring down the sails and docking, mooring or anchoring.

Sailing is a wonderful experience and inevitably turns all crew into a team. Everyone finds some way to be a part of the team. That can include assisting the skipper, keeping keep the yacht tidy, preparing snacks and cocktails, surveying the saloon prior to sails going up and another few hundred tiny little things that happen in a typical day of sailing.

The morning sail always ends at an exciting new destination. After securing the yacht, adventure awaits. Whether you take advantage of one of the exciting excursions planned or venture out on your own, every day holds great promise. There is local cuisine, neighborhood coffee houses, hiking, scuba diving, bars, and more. Each destination is picked for what it has to offer the Trekrs and you’ll get a briefing on the top things to look out for as you explore the island of the day.

Croatia Excursion Bunker.jpg

Each evening is one to remember. Sailing provides a wonderful opportunity to be a part of the cycle of the day. Often, a group of Trekrs will meet for a sunset cocktail or early dinner to enjoy the amazing views.  We tend to be a very social group and encourage inclusive activities in the evening. It is common for one yacht to invite another yacht to join for dinner on board. Other yachts take turns hosting cocktail parties each evening.

At the end of the night, Trekrs can retire to their spacious cabin or end their evening gazing up at the beautiful stars, imagining what adventures the next day holds. The only bad thing about a Trekr adventure is that it comes to an end. The silver lining is that there is always another adventure on the horizon.