Let's Go To Belize!

by Jose Rodriguez

Growing up in a military family required constant relocating, but I loved moving from one place to another. I fully embraced living abroad and enjoying different cultures. My love for travel has only increased over time and I have taken every opportunity to see as much of the world as I can.


In recent years, I have taken an interest in traveling by yacht and this mode of travel has dramatically changed how I experience my favorite destinations. Through Trekr, I have sailed in the Adriatic, Caribbean, Andaman and soon in the Aegean Sea. I have sailed in the quiet coves of Virgin Gorda, snorkeled with sharks in Ko Phi-Phi Don and gone canyoning in the Cetina River. So what adventure comes next? Belize!


Belize sits at the southeastern tip of the Yucatán Peninsula. The unique beauty of the Belizean rain forest and coast makes it an ideal place to visit. Just offshore lies the largest barrier reef in the Northern Hemisphere, teeming with marine life and the perfect conditions for kayaking and snorkeling. Only Australia’s Great Barrier Reef is larger. The Belizean coast offers an impressive variety of places to explore, including several hundred sand cayes (islands), mangrove forests, coastal lagoons and estuaries.

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