Ian Foss: How Trekr nurtured my sense of adventure

Ian Foss (left) and fiancee Terry Horner (right) in Thailand 

Ian Foss (left) and fiancee Terry Horner (right) in Thailand 

The vastness of the ocean fills Trekrs with sense of how magnificent the world really is. It’s hard not to get swept up in the vastness of the sea and a limitless horizon. The Trekr Thailand Adventure in December of 2015 was particularly moving for one Trekr, Ian Foss. In Southeast Asia he was able to experience the quiet beauty of the ocean and the limitless horizon. Along the way, he achieved personal growth and overcame a long held fear.

One of Ian’s most memorable experiences on the trip happened late at night when he decided to sleep out on the trampoline, the netted area in the front of the catamaran. He and his partner Terry spent the time with a fellow Tekr, Justin, gazing at the stars. “We were in an area in Thailand that didn’t have much light pollution. Bangkok was far away and you could see wisps of the Milky Way.” On the boat, "you’re more apt to be struck by the sense of awe and wonder because you drop inhibitions when you’re so far removed from who you are in your day-to-day life. We were lying there in total silence, looking at the distant Andromeda galaxy, and wondering.”

During the trip, Ian’s perspective began to shift. He realized how much the experience was changing him when he went snorkeling. Ian had always been simultaneously fascinated by the ocean and scared by it too. Ian recounted, "We went snorkeling once when I was younger and it was not a good experience. So, I brought my young teenage trauma to snorkeling in Thailand. Terry, one of the best qualities about him, is that he pushes me to do things I normally wouldn’t do, but he always makes me feel safe about it. That’s how it went with snorkeling.”

In Thailand, Terry, Ian and a group of Trekrs hitched a ride on a Thai long-tail boat for snorkeling. When Ian hit the water, he couldn’t breathe. “The snorkel gear was malfunctioning. Terry fixed it. It was still scary. Terry told me to try again.  And, I did—reluctantly. Eventually, the fear melted away and my heart rate slowed down. My eye caught something that was so beautiful and I was transfixed in the water. Time slowed down. It was wonderful.”

Ian and Terry are excited to join the upcoming trek to Tahiti. The South Pacific archipelago has “captured my imagination. Before Thailand, I would have said that  I wasn’t a tropical person, that my idea of a beach is the coast of Maine. Thailand was the opposite from Maine in every way—in a good way. I saw the water change to that aquamarine color and I relaxed into the speed of the tropics. Now that I’m converted to the tropical cause, I can’t wait to see what the South Pacific has in store.”

Join Ian in Tahiti and see where your life goes.