Trekr Pride in the US & Europe!


It is June, and that means the start of the LGBT Pride season.  Pride is celebrated in June to honor the 1969 Stonewall riots that took place in New York City.  It is a time of reflection and opportunity to both strengthen and invigorate the greater LGBT community.  

At Trekr, we celebrate pride and embrace diversity on every Trek.  It is our commitment to provide an inclusive and accepting experience for all of our guests.  You may have noticed in our photos that we fly the LGBT flag proudly on every yacht in our flotillas – this is by design.  We want everyone, regardless of their sexual identity, to experience the wonders of yachting around the globe.  

As we celebrate during this time of the year, Trekr invites you to come out and meet our team.  We will be traveling to various LGBT pride events around the world this summer and fall.  

We would love to meet you and share more about what makes a Trekr Adventure a truly magical experience.

Here is where you can find us – just look for the large Trekr Adventures logo at our booth and say hello!  

Washington, DC Capital Pride -- June 11

Philadelphia, PA Pride -- June 18

San Antonio, TX Pride -- July 1

London (England) Pride -- July 8

Austin, TX Pride -- August 26

Philadelphia, PA Outfest -- October 8