Considering a Trek? Here's what you need to know

You've heard about Trekr. You've seen the pics. And now you're curious. Here is what you need to know when considering a sailing adventure with us.

First, prepare for the adventure of a lifetime. We travel to exotic places, board luxury yachts and sail from island to island to see some of the most beautiful sights in the world. Trekr makes this possible by doing the work so all you need to do is show up.

Getting There

Sometimes we are asked if we sail to the places we are going to explore. We do not. We work with two of the largest sailing charter companies in the world. They have bases all over the world and we travel to those bases and board the yachts there. Accordingly, part of your journey is the travel to the destination we will be sailing from, such as Greece, Thailand, Belize, Tahiti and more. We can provide advice planning your travel into and out of the port city, as well as lodgings and excursions before and after our week of sailing. 

The Yachts

While we are sailing, we stay on the yachts. The luxury sailing catamarans we sail on are very comfortable. Each of the four cabins are large enough for two guests, and the yachts have showers and toilets. Upstairs, there is a large saloon with a full galley, refrigerator, freezer, navigation station, dining area, stereo system and a nearly 360 degree view. The deck provides plenty of space to be social and relax, both on the forward and aft of the yacht. The interior is air conditioned to provide maximum comfort for guests. The yachts are supplied with linens and towels.

Typical Day

Each day begins with breakfast, showers, bathing off the back of the boat, morning coffee and a briefing on the day's plans. Then we get underway for the day's adventure, usually sailing 3-4 hours. Depending on the destination, we may tie up at a dock, attach to a mooring buoy or drop anchor for the night. If we are at a dock, you have constant access to shore. If we are anchored or moored, each yacht has a dinghy that is used to shuttle guests from yacht to shore.

Once the yacht is secured, guests have the options to explore the new destination, enjoy excursions that are offered for the day, go snorkeling around the yacht or nearby beaches, or simply relax on the yacht for the afternoon. The evening may include dinner on the yacht or on shore with your fellow boat mates, hosting another yacht for cocktails or enjoying drinks on the island. You can read more about a typical day here.

Sailing & Provisions

You do not need to know how to sail. Each yacht comes with a certified and experienced skipper. If you are interested in learning about sailing, your skipper is happy to answer your questions and teach you whatever you'd like to learn. You are welcome to help as much as you want or not be involved in the sailing at all. Ways that you can help the skipper include tying lines when we dock, helping to attach to a mooring buoy, helping to drop and lift the anchor, helping raise or lower the sails and helping trim the sails. How much adventure you want is up to you.

Trekr will help you provision your yacht. In advance of the Trek, you and your boat mates will select a "kitty master" and decide how much you each will contribute to the "kitty", which is a pool of money that is used for shared expenses. That includes food, drinks, docking fees and any other expenses that everyone agrees upon, with guidance from your skipper.

Provisions are ordered in advance as much as possible to provide the convenience of having provisions delivered directly to your yacht. Other provisions, such as perishables and local fare, can be purchased upon arrival. Throughout the week's adventure, you will provision as needed at local stores or marina shops. Sometimes, you will pass fishermen while underway and can buy fresh seafood just out of the water.

Sleeping Arrangements

Guests on Trekr trips come in all shapes and sizes. We have folks who come alone, come with a partner or spouse, some share a cabin with a friend and some charter a whole boat. No matter where you fall, Trekr will work with you to ensure an enjoyable experience of your yacht. We do this by getting to know our guests in advance and pairing them up with other guests who are expecting similar experiences. As an example, we put together guests who plan to be to bed early and up early in the morning rather than mixing them with guests who plan to enjoy the bars and nightclubs.


Trekr provides the most affordable way to sail in exotic places around the world. The value that we bring our customers is to provide all of the planning, logistical and technical aspects needed for a week of sailing on a luxury yacht. Here is a breakdown in the costs and what is included in each:

What you pay to Trekr:

$1499 - This is the cost that covers your spot on the yacht for one week and a certified skipper to sail the yacht.

$60 - In order to cover the liability of damage to the boat, Trekr charges each guest for a damage liability waiver.

$135 - For peace of mind and safety, Trekr requires all guests to have comprehensive travel insurance that covers everything from trip cancellation to medical evacuation. This fee can be waived if your credit card provides a comprehensive travel insurance.

Any excursions you choose to participate in before, during or after the Trek will carry an additional cost.

What you don't pay Trekr:

⁃Kitty contribution. As discussed above, each boat determines the amount each guest contributes to shared expenses.

⁃Travel. Each guest is responsible for his or her travel to the Trek's departure point.

If you have any other questions, we are here to answer them. You can message us on our Facebook page, contact us on the live option here on the website or through the contact page on the website. We hope you'll join us on an adventure soon! Here is a list of all upcoming treks: