Trekr helps reduce plastic waste

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One of the very first things you learn about when becoming a sailor are the things that are done to protect the oceans, rivers, bays and waterways. Very strong international treaties dictate a great deal of this. Often, national or state laws also play a role. Sometimes, the most important part is when we decide to go even further to do out part.    

Trekr strives to always go above and beyond expectations. On our trips, we do our part to separate recyclable materials from non-recyclables. Most marina's accept both. However, it is a big burden on most small islands to handle the volume of trash and recyclables left behind by sailors and yachties. 

In order to cut down on plastic recyclables, Trekr has opted to forgo the purchase of individual bottles on our Treks. Instead, we provide our Trekrs with individual water bottles that can be reused throughout the week of their Trek and when they return home.

The water bottles are super useful and can be used at all kinds of times. For instance, they can be used when suntanning or when cooking!

The reusable water bottles can also be used when exploring the islands, for morning hydration or <gasp!> when working!!! 

In today's times when we are seeing the effects of climate change, we all should be mindful of the small things we can do to help. This is one small way that Trekr helps to empower our customers to do their part. We are proud to do so and committed to finding additional ways to make our Treks as environmentally friendly as we can.