Join Trekr Racing at the BVI Spring Regatta!

In March of 2017, Trekr racing made its debut at the British Virgin Islands Regatta and Sailing Festival. It was an amazing experience. The Trekr Team bonded with each other, had many exciting moments on the race course and made lots of new friends. Because we had such a great time, we want to bring you that same experience.

To be held March 26- April 1, 2018, the BVI Spring Regatta comprises approximately 150 boats across 18 various classes. The race courses happen across three bodies of water: the Atlantic Ocean, the Caribbean Sea and the Sir Francis Drake Channel. It is the top sailing regatta in the Caribbean and one of the top regattas in the world. See below for more information and registration details.

You do not have to be an experienced racer to participate in this trip. Each boat will have a certified skipper on board with experience racing. There will be time to become familiar with the boat you will be staying on and racing before it all begins. Each skipper will review the week's schedule and each of the positions on the team. Instruction will be given for each of the team positions. Each team, in consultation with the skipper, will determine who will fill each position. It is also possible to rotate positions throughout the week. This is an excellent opportunity to learn a great deal about sailing in a single week!

For the week of the regatta, you will stay on the sailboat you will be racing. Each day after racing, we will return to the same marina and the same slip. The marina has shower facilities, restaurants, bars, a pool and a beach. Each evening, the Race Committee has social events that are well attended and local food vendors set up to sell an array of options for dinner. The evenings are a great time for team bonding and to meet other regatta participants. They come from all over the world and are all wonderfully welcoming and supportive of fellow racers. Each day, the race course is different an we find out each morning the course of the race. Some days, there is more than one race. On the days with only one race, you can opt to spend the afternoon sailing to an island for some leisure time with your team.

By the week's end, you'll learn all kinds of things. You'll learn about how sail rigging works, you'll learn about trimming the sails, you'll become familiar with the points of sail, you'll probably get a chance to drive the boat, you'll spend more time than you could imagine figuring out how to go faster and you'll feel the thrill of crossing the starting line and challenging another boat in the heat of the race. It's an experience of a lifetime and we are excited to share it with you.