flags, flags and more flags!!

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brainstorm, design & order: how to

Flags on boats are a tradition as long as boating itself. They have been used to identify nations, pirates and more. In the world of leisure boating, flags can be used to show who we are and what we are like. In a busy harbor of boats that look alike, they can also be used to find our temporary home.

Each boat can design a custom flag. This often aligns with the week's theme and your boat's chosen name, but doesn't always have to, so feel free to be as creative and fun as you'd like. Please just remember that your boat name will be used over public radio channels and your flag will fly high and be seen by all. Custom flags must be created and submitted in vector (.eps) file format to info (at) trekr (dot) org by July 17 for the Greece Treks. Each boat's Kitty Master will pay Trekr $75 USD for the flag.

If you'd like to order your own custom flag, you are welcome to! Just follow the instructions above and Trekr will handle the ordering for you.

additional flags!

 In addition, many people bring other flags to add to their boats as well. Examples include flags from your home state, flags of the military branch you served in, flags of the city in which you live and more. Don't hesitate to let your character shine! We can add several flags to each boat.

Here are some examples of the custom flags from our Croatia Trek. Our theme was Game of Thrones: