Recommended Packing List



Make sure your passport is valid 6 months past your last day of travel.


Collapsable Luggage

Hard luggage, such as roller bags, will not fit in the storage spaces on the boat. We suggest duffel bags.


Water Shoes

Water shoes that can be used on rocky beaches or slippery surfaces come in handy! We highly recommend having a pair. They can be useful no matter where you find yourself, water or land!


Quick Dry Towels

The boat will have towels on board, but its always handy to have a quick drying towel that can be used for various purposes.  



Plan to have a minimum of one shirt a day. We will have plenty of opportunity to go ashore and will need to be fully dressed. Pack 1 or 2 polos or button down shirts that you can be worn if the group goes somewhere nice.


Bring at least one pair of pants to use on chilly nights and bring shorts to put over your swimsuit when going ashore.



Bring cheap, but effective sunglasses. It's not uncommon to lose a pair in the ocean, so we recommend at least two.


Non-Marking Shoes and 1 Pair of Flip Flops

Do not wear black-soled shoes on the boat, as they will mark up the boat. A good pair of flip flops is a must. Keep in mind that whatever shoes you wear will get wet (there's no avoiding it) so they need to dry fast. See above for a good recommendation for quick drying water shoes.


Rain Jacket

Bring a rain jacket that's light and can help you avoid any rain we may come across during the trip.



Buy sunscreen in advance to avoid steeply priced sunscreen products at marinas or touristy stores ashore. It's one thing that's easy to travel with that you know you'll use a lot of.


Sailing Gloves

If you plan to help with raising the sails and other boat operations, we recommend a pair of gloves. They help prevent rope burn.



A small flashlight is highly recommended. It can come in handy when traveling on the dinghy in the dark.