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What is Trekr?

Trekr Adventures helps people connect, travel, and experience the world with like-minded individuals. We organize trips of a lifetime while fostering an all-inclusive and fun atmosphere. Our flagship sailing adventure trips take place on luxury style catamaran yachts in exotic locations around the world, including Thailand, Croatia, Greece, Abacos, British Virgin Islands, Vietnam and Cambodia. 


At current, our treks are 1 week yachting adventures around the globe. When a customer arrives to the destination they join a yacht alongside our team. The sailing route, logistics, and excursions have all been pre-arranged. Each night the boats rally at a location, where we have planned activities with local vendors.

              The route of our 2016 inaugural Thailand trip

              The route of our 2016 inaugural Thailand trip

when are trekr adventures?

Our 2017 Season includes five weeks of trips across three continents. We will host a few hundred guests during our inaugural full season with adventures in Abacos, British Virgin Islands, Greece, Thailand, Vietnam and Cambodia.



Who Goes?

The typical Trekr Adventures customer is a gay male between the ages of 30-40 with an income of at least $100,000 and travels internationally at least once a year.

Some of our Trekrs from Croatia 2016

Some of our Trekrs from Croatia 2016


The inaugural trip for Trekr Adventures took place in December of 2015 with 25 guests in Thailand. Our second trip was June of 2016 with 60 guests in Croatia, a 100% increase. Our 2017 season is expected to ramp up growth with over 500% growth in the total number of guests from 2016. Trekr Adventures expects to continue growth in our forthcoming 2018 season.

Our recently launched website is already outperforming websites for businesses offering similar products to customers. This is also the case for Trekr Adventures' presence on social media platforms.