Trekr Retreats

Sailing is an excellent choice for a retreat, as the very nature of running a boat requires teamwork, problem solving, gaining new skills and learning colleagues in a new way. Trekr works with corporate clients to achieve the exact experience it wants for its employees. We can organize team building activities, group excursions, exquisite dinners, team meetings on beaches and most anything else that would make your retreat successful. After all, any good sailor can solve most any problem.

With its crystal clear waters, picture-perfect beaches, scenic anchorages and well-equipped marinas, the British Virgin Islands are an ideal sailing destination for corporate retreats. The flights into St. Thomas are often inexpensive and the fairy to Tortola is an exciting start to the trip. Tortola has fun and easy deep-water island-hops, consistent trade winds, line-of-sight navigation and numerous anchorages make this a paradise for sailing.

The Sailing Adventure

The BVI provides some of the most beautiful waters and island views in the world. Wake up each day and set sail for another breathtaking day exploring the islands first discovered by Sir Francis Drake as he sought to expand the kingdom of Queen Elizabeth I. Today, the islands welcome yachters from around the world to enjoy the beauty that is a way of life.

In planning a retreat, we work with clients to prepare the ideal itinerary. Each of the locations below are possible and each have unique identifying qualities that can be used to achieve goals for your retreat. If it's simply to reward top employees, hopping from island to island for fun is easily accomplished by the Trekr team. If your goal is to do employee education between fun time, we work to detail an itinerary that meets that goal. If team building is your goal, we can achieve that on multiple levels. Once we get an idea of what your needs are Trekr will tailor an experience you and your colleagues will be excited for.

Destination: Tortola

After arriving by ferry in Tortola, we will get settled on the yachts and meet for a group dinner. The rest of the evening, we will spend getting to know each other on the group dock and yachts. We will overnight on the yachts and set sail the following morning.

Destination: Norman Island

Norman Island has long been rumored to be the inspiration for Robert Louis Stephenson’s Treasure Island. It was also once used as a hiding place for pirate treasure. Today, it complements the beauty of its fellow islands and offers a full plate of activities.

The Caves are where legend tells us pirate his their treasure. Sea turtles can be found at Angelfish Reef. Kelley’s Cove and Water Point provide excellent snorkeling. A day is also not complete without having a “painkiller” cocktail at the famed Willy T’s ship bar in the bay.

Destination: Trellis Bay at Beef Island

Beef Island is connected to Tortola by the Queen Elizabeth Bridge and is home to the main airport serving the BVI. Every month, it hosts a popular full moon party on its beautiful beaches. Trellis Bay is a popular yachting destination on Beef Island. The bay is large and has another beautiful island with a single restaurant. It is accessible by dinghy.

Trellis Bay.jpeg

Destination: Virgin Gorda

One of the largest islands of the BVI, Virgin Gorda boasts a raft of attractions ranging from the amazing rock formations known as The Baths to the pleasures of the North Sound, where resorts, marinas, and scenic anchorages are abundant.

Of particular interest is the Bitter End resort and marina, famous throughout the Caribbean for its nautical charm. You could spend your entire charter within the sheltered waters of North Sound, and many opt to stay at least two days to go yachting in Bitter End waters.


Destination: Anegada

Sparsely populated and rural, Anegada is 11 miles long, low, and flat, quite unlike any of the other islands in the BVI. The balmy trade winds gently sweep across its sandy shores, swaying the palms and rustling through the boughs of the pines. In the center of the island is a series of salt ponds, beautiful and teeming with birds. A flock of pink Caribbean flamingos live on the ponds not far from the anchorages on the western end. Cruising in Anegada waters promises laid-back pleasure in an unspoiled setting.

Destination: Jost Van Dyke

Named after a legendary Dutch pirate who plied his dastardly trade in this part of the world, Jost Van Dyke is a hilly island of perfect anchorages and sandy beaches that has done much to contribute to the reputation of the BVI as a superior yachting playground.

Watersports are big on Jost van Dyke – so if windsurfing, snorkelling, diving, kayaking or para-sailing are your thing then a Jost van Dyke yacht charter is definitely one for you. On land, there are gentle walking trails as well as opportunities for some relatively arduous hikes through the island’s tropical interior.

A visit to Jost van Dyke would not be complete without trying the famous Painkiller cocktails, the house specialty at the Soggy Dollar Bar which is said to be the best bar in the Caribbean.

Destination: Cane Garden Bay

Tortola has numerous harbors, but the prettiest among them is Cane Garden Bay on the north shore. The crescent-shaped, white sandy beach hems in the anchorage on three sides and stunning mountains create a scenic backdrop. The nightlife ashore is a big attraction for cruisers looking for great food and lively music. Swimming and watersports are also popular. Cane Garden Bay cruising is a highlight of a BVI yacht charter.