The Experience

Thai beaches are world famous for luxurious sands, the inviting ocean waters and the stunning scenery that frames it all.  With thousands of miles of beaches, some offering lively parties and others remote tranquility, you can enjoy your sailing holiday at your own pace. The climate of Thailand is tropical, with an average annual temperature of 82 F.

The traditional lifestyle of Thailand has survived for centuries almost unchanged, a sign of the peace and calmness that many Thai people enjoy, ensuring the warmest of welcomes for any visitor.

"tiger" week: DECEMBER 16-DECEMBER 23, 2017


The Sailing Adventure




Day 1: Marina to Ko Nakha Yai
Day 2: Koh Hong
Day 3: Ko Yao Noi
Day 4: Railey Beach
Day 5: Phi Phi Don
Day 6: Phi Phi Don
Day 7: Ko Yao Yai
Day 8: Depart

Destination: Depart Marina

We'll depart the Ao Po Grand Marina (45 minutes outside of Phuket) before 5pm and sail to Ko Nakha Yai, where we'll anchor for the night off the coast of Ko Nakha Yai where we'll have a stunning panoramic view of the dramatic islands of Phang Nga Bay

Ao Po Marina.jpg

Destination: Koh Hong

Head north to Koh Hong, which means cave. We'll explore the hong by dinghy and kayak during the day, before departing further north to visit a community built entirely on stilts over water to the south of the sheer cliffs of the island. 

Destination: Ko Yao Noi

Sail south then east to Ko Roi, where we can kayak around less explored hongs. For some local knowledge, a paid guided kayak tour is available. In the evening, we'll sail to Ko Yao Noi for the night, where we'll have dinner on the shore at the Paradise Resort, and enjoy a fire dancing display!

Jose Jump.jpg

Destination: Railey Beach

Sail south and explore another hong (also named Koh Hong) before sailing to Rai Lei Beach. Relax in the evening under mangrove trees, or for the more adventuresome, explore world class rock climbing on the limestone cliffs. For the more laid back, this is a great spot for snorkeling or just relaxing at one of the restaurants that dot the beach.


Destination: Phi Phi Don

We'll hit one of Southern Thailand’s most popular destinations, Phi Phi Don. During the afternoon on Tuesday, enjoy shopping, eating, or visiting one of the neighboring islands. On day 6 go scuba diving or snorkeling with the sharks! Enjoy one last night on Phi Phi Don, before we depart Thursday morning.


Destination: Ko Yao Yai

Sail north for Koh Yao Yai, one of Thailand's largest islands. Enjoy one last night with the
group; say good-bye and launch the Trekr sky lanterns.

Sky Lanterns.JPG

Destination: Ao Po Marina

On our final morning, we'll wake up early to sail back to Ao Po Grand Marina which is a 2 hour sail. Yachts need to be back by 9am, so save some energy for the morning sail home


"tiger" week: DECEMBER 16-DECEMBER 23, 2017